Women Giving Back Program Wins $25,000 in PANDORA Jewelry’s Hearts of Today Contest

2014-pandora-contestHomeAid Northern Virginia’s Women Giving Back (WGB) program, which provides women and children from local shelters with free clothing and accessories, now has a windfall of $25,000 to help advance its goals, after Terri Stagi, member of HomeAid Northern Virginia’s board of directors and WGB’s founder, was named a finalist in PANDORA Jewelry’s Hearts of Today contest.

The PANDORA initiative celebrates women who are working to improve the lives of women and children in their communities and around the world, and Stagi was named one of eight finalists out of more than 700 nominations to receive $25,000 from PANDORA to help further the goals of their charitable organizations.

Since 2007, WGB has donated more than 300,000 items of clothing to more than 23,000 women and children in crisis. The impact of WGB on women is undisputed, with a single mother recently saying, “There were times when I had to choose between buying clothes and buying food, and, as a mom, of course I chose food. Shopping at WGB was like getting to go to the mall every month, and once I was able to start dressing professionally, I started acting professionally. WGB will always live in my heart.”

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