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HomeAid National Capital Region partners with many of the area’s top builders to renovate and build housing for the region’s homeless. Builder Captains provide the leadership and direction to complete a project envisioned by the nonprofit organization. Builder Captains rally the support of their sub-contractors and trade partners, suppliers and manufacturers to bring in-kind donations of labor and materials to complete the project, thus minimizing the costs for the nonprofit organization. All the savings provided by the Builder Captain and its team allows the nonprofit to redirect those funds into services their clients desperately need.

What You’ll Gain

  • Bridging the Gap

    HomeAid actively raises funds to bridge the budget gap between what the Builder Captains can provide and the funds the nonprofit needs for the project. HomeAid and the Builder Captain also provide all levels of project management including budgeting, land planning, project design, and acquiring permits. We ensure funding is not a barrier to the completion of a project so Builder Captains and Trade Partners can focus on what they do best; building!

    HomeAid prides itself in working with builders that can take on projects of all sizes and provide a significant cost savings to the nonprofit. Serving as a Builder Captain may be one of the most satisfying construction projects you, your partners and staff will work on. After you’ve completed one project, you may decide to volunteer for another.

    HomeAid recognizes the work of each Builder Captain and its trade partners through press releases, a special luncheon, on our website, and in our monthly Building Hope eNewsletter.

“This is our opportunity to put our talents to work for the benefit of the less fortunate in our community and help address a continuing need.”


President of Madison Homes and HomeAid Board of Directors

“HomeAid makes it easy for us to do what we do well, but for people who need it far more than those we normally work with. The rewards are great… it’s a reward for the soul and the spirit.”


HomeAid Board of Directors

“Projects like this allow everyone in the community to see a new face of the building industry.”


President of Miller & Smith and HomeAid Board of Directors

“"I have always contributed to charities, but when you get involved and actually see the people who you are serving, it is pretty powerful…and by serving as a Builder Captain, I was able to do that."”


Group President Van Metre Homes and HomeAid Board of Directors


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Thank You to Our Builder Captains