About HomeAid National Capital Region

HomeAid National Capital Region provides safe and dignified housing and programmatic facilities for those experiencing or at risk of experiencing homelessness by maximizing our relationships within the building industry to garner in-kind donations of labor and materials.

To achieve its mission, HomeAid connects regional builders and housing industry professionals with nonprofits focused on ending homelessness. This connection allows each group to do what they do best. HomeAid’s Builder Captains and Trade Partners donate their expertise, time, and resources to renovate or build homeless shelters, housing facilities, and other non-profit spaces. This generous donation allows organizations to allocate their resources on programming and interventions to work toward sustainably ending homelessness. It’s the ultimate win-win!

HomeAid National Capital Region is the official nonprofit of the Northern Virginia Building Industry Association (NVBIA) and is a chapter of HomeAid America.

Building Hope in Our Community Since 2001


Steve Alloy, Stanley Martin Homes, joined the board of a local shelter which was in disrepair, and he wanted to fix that. Meanwhile, Don Knutson, Knutson Companies, learned of HomeAid America. Don and Steve went to NVBIA and HomeAid Northern Virginia was formed.


HomeAid completes its first project at Alternative House (now Second Story). This $318,000 project—of which more than $300,000 was donated—serves 2,000 homeless teens each year.


HomeAid Northern Virginia hosted its first gala in 2002. Since then the gala has grown into our premier fundraising event with over 500 attendees and raising over $300,000 for HomeAid’s mission.


Our 2007 Doorways for Women & Families Project—valued at $2.4 million with over $500,00 in donated labor, time, materials, and expertise—was our largest project to date. This house provides a safe, stable place for 22 women and children escaping from domestic violence.


Always trying to find more ways to aid our Shelter Partners, HomeAid hosted its first Annual Night at the Ballpark, treating families in local shelters to a fun—and free!—evening out to watch a Potomac Nationals game.


HomeAid Northern Virginia completes its 100th construction and renovation project for local homeless shelters and housing facilities, bringing dignity and hope to individuals and families struggling to obtain stable housing.


HomeAid celebrates 15 years of building new lives for Northern Virginia's homeless—completing 114 projects which have served more than 98,000 people in crisis in Northern Virginia since 2001.


HomeAid is as dynamic as ever—with a committed Board of Directors, a small but mighty staff, and new initiatives to increase impact and meet the changing needs of our Shelter Partners.

  • Our Mission

    HomeAid National Capital Region’s mission is to help people experiencing or at risk of experiencing homelessness build new lives through construction, community engagement, and education.

    Vison Statement

    Our vision is to be a vital force in creating safe and dignified housing and programmatic facilities for those who are experiencing or at risk of homelessness

  • Our Impact

    Many of the nonprofit spaces where homeless individuals gather for programming are aging, inefficient, unsafe, and in need of general upgrades. Our nonprofit partners often do not have the funding, expertise, or staff time to undertake these projects. Together with our Builder Captains and Trade Partners, HomeAid provides these upgrades at a reduced cost to our non-profit partners. Our partners in the homebuilding industry have generously donated more than $13 million to our projects, saving shelters nearly 60% on construction costs.

    By creating improved living conditions and increasing capacity at low or no cost, we enable our nonprofit partners to invest their funds in additional housing and services for their clients rather than construction expenses. HomeAid makes our community stronger both by providing individuals in need with safe, stable homes and spaces to heal, but also by strengthening the capacity of our nonprofits partners.

    We are also a vital partner in raising awareness of homelessness and together with our partners, we are working toward long-term and sustainable solutions. HomeAid fulfills an otherwise unmet need in our area and provides an opportunity for the public, private and nonprofit sectors to collaborate and work together to find solutions.

    We do more than build and upgrade housing and spaces—we change lives.

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