Women Giving Back Program (WGB) Granted 501(c)3 Status

Chantilly, VAHomeAid Northern Virginia and Women Giving Back (WGB) announced today that WGB, a program started by the HomeAid Northern Virginia Board of Directors in 2007, is now officially a separate 501(c)3 charity. This new status will enable the organization to help more women who are in crisis due to homelessness, domestic violence, job loss and more. 

WGB provides free clothing and accessories to women and children and aims to expand its services throughout the Washington, DC metropolitan area. WGB’s impact on the community has been significant: over the past eight years, the organization has distributed more than 300,000 items of free clothing to more than 23,000 women and 15,300 children from 100+ nonprofit shelter partners in Northern Virginia.  WGB is in the process of preparing for a Fall capital campaign to expand its facilities and services.

“This is an outstanding opportunity for us to expand our services—something that we couldn’t do it without the support of HomeAid Northern Virginia,” said Terri Stagi, president, WGB. “Not only will we be able to assist more women, we will be able to increase fundraising and volunteer opportunities throughout the Washington, DC metropolitan area. It’s a win/win for all, especially for the women and children who need a lot of support when rebuilding their lives.”

“I am grateful for all the help that WGB has given to Artemis House residents like me,” said one woman who has benefited from WGB’s services. “I feel a lot more optimistic about building a healthier future and hope to be able to be in the position to give back to struggling women as WGB does.”

For more information on WGB, including photos and videos of women who have been assisted by the program, visit www.womengivingback.org.