Third-Party Event Fundraiser: 2019 Toll Brothers Golf Tournament

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Kristyn Burr & Scott Canan

The idea behind third-party charity fundraisers is a simple one: an organization plans and hosts a fundraising event on behalf of a charity, and then the charity benefits from the planning efforts and the funds raised. But at HomeAid Northern Virginia, which is no stranger to planning and hosting events, we know that carrying out a successful fundraiser is no simple task—it takes a ton of work! So, it is with extra gratitude that we say thank you to Toll Brothers, which recently chose HomeAid as the sole beneficiary of their June 24 golf tournament and, as a result, raised $60,000+ to support our mission! We are also incredibly grateful to John Darvish, our presenting sponsor, who put in an enormous amount of time and effort to help plan the event. All of the funds will go toward renovating and building homes and programmatic facilities that serve those experiencing homelessness and, in turn, helping rebuild lives.

“In addition to the dollars raised – which of course is tremendously important to our ability to carry out our mission – it also means that these organizations are, in a way, helping to expand our capacity by taking on the planning and hosting responsibilities themselves,” said Kristyn Burr, HomeAid Northern Virginia Executive Director and CEO. “They are helping spread awareness and increase education about our mission and local homelessness to an entirely new group of people. We not only end up with greater funds, but we gain more attention and more supporters from people who we may not be able to reach ourselves. It’s hard to put into words how incredibly beneficial these events are, and we are so grateful to Toll Brothers and to the many other organizations who have selected HomeAid as a beneficiary of their efforts. It’s just an enormous, humbling gift,” she added.

Thank you to all of the staff and volunteers who made this golf tournament such a huge success!

“The decision to hold a charity event and donate all proceeds to HomeAid was an easy one, said Scott Canan, division vice president, production and customer care, Toll Brothers. “As a board member, I’ve witnessed first-hand the struggles that people in need endure on a day-to-day basis. What HomeAid does for so many people across this nation is nothing short of amazing. Toll Brothers instills six important values in all of us: ‘Be the Best,’ ‘Do The Right Thing,’ ‘Take Care of Each Other,’ ‘Delight the Customer,’ ‘Create Value,’ and ‘Honor Our History.’ By applying these values to everyday living, it’s not hard to understand why giving back to the community is so important to us.

“I encourage all Builders to hold events for their local charities,” he added. “By supporting those less fortunate, we are helping to strengthen, empower, and build communities that give back. In time, others will follow, and this act of kindness will spread like wildfire. What a great thing to happen!”

Special thanks to our friends for making this tournament such a success!
Scott Canan, Toll Brothers
Brook Alsdurf, Toll Brothers
Melissa Dorsey, Darvish Companies
John Darvish, Darvish Companies
Melissa Wallace, Toll Brothers

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