Shelter Expansion Offers New Hope for Northern Virginia Homeless

Home-building industry charitable organization HomeAid and trade partners turn an Alexandria, Va., homeless shelter into “a vehicle for changing lives.”
By: Chris Thompson
Builder Magazine Online

Speaking at the dedication of the newly revamped Carpenter’s Shelter in Alexandria, Va., politicians and industry leaders praised the 250-bed homeless facility, which will also provide counseling and support services for the city’s needy, as a model for combating homelessness nationwide.

Congressman Jim Moran (D-Va.), Alexandria Mayor William Euille, and Freddie Mac President Ralph Boyd last week hailed the multipurpose shelter as the beginning of a new age of homeless assistance in Alexandria and around the nation. Boyd called the expanded shelter “a vehicle for changing lives.” Congressman Moran cited the project as a national model for future homeless shelters, and Mayor Euille said that “the cycle of poverty can be broken” with the help of new programs at the shelter. Euille also noted strides that the city of Alexandria had previously taken to combat homelessness, including the creation of a facility in the Potomac Yard area for the chronically homeless.

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