Mobile Hope – Leesburg, VA

  • Mobile Hope – Leesburg, VA

    Work to be Performed:

    The goal is to turn a machine shed into usable retail space for Mobile Hope’s retail store and donation center, Threads of Hope. This space will provide free clothing to homeless and at-risk youth up to age 24 and provide a setting to train them in customer service, merchandising, clothes sorting, sales reconciliation, and retail management. Renovations of this space will include adding walls to help partition off dressing rooms, bathrooms, and a breakout space. We are adding insulation to the entire store along with finished concrete throughout the space. We also will provide the entire store with utilities such as HVAC, plumbing, electrical, water, and sewer.

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    About Mobile Hope:

    Mobile Hope provides support and emergency shelter to youth up to age 24 who are at-risk, precariously housed, or homeless and empowers them to become self-sufficient.

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