L’ARCHE – Arlington, VA

  • L'ARCHE - Arlington, VA

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    Renovations of the Reevesland Farmhouse will preserve it as a protected historic site while transforming the interior into a group home for individuals with developmental disabilities.  Renovations will include all three floors.  Ground floor:  bedrooms, kitchen, dining room, living room, and additional communal spaces.  Second floor:  bedrooms, shared office space, and communal living spaces.  Third floor:  office space and storage space.

    HomeAid will be collaborating with Habitat for Humanity of Washington DC and Northern VA on the renovation and building.  The farmhouse will be managed by L’ARCHE once the project is completed.

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    About L’ARCHE

    L’Arche is an inter-denominational Christian community that welcomes people of all backgrounds to share life together. Community life is centered around communal homes and members who have intellectual disabilities, giving those who are too often rejected a valid place in society.

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