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Meet HomeAid’s Fall Interns

It’s another busy season at HomeAid Northern Virginia, with four interns on staff to help manage the always-busy workload and coordinate many events and initiatives.

interns-Frank-and-SamanthaFundraising Coordinator
Samantha Fletcher, a senior majoring in sociology at George Mason University.

Q: Why did you choose HomeAid Northern Virginia for your internship?
A: Last semester, I did extensive research on poverty in the United States for my methodology class. This is an area that I feel passionate about, and being able to intern here has given me an opportunity to be involved and help out the homeless in my own community.

Q: What has surprised you most?
A: How much HomeAid is able to achieve with a very small staff. It’s an inspiring example that every person really can make a difference.

Q: What have you learned about homelessness that you never realized before?
A: That one-quarter of the homeless population is made up of children, and they’re twice as likely to have health problems as those in stable homes. Half of the children living in shelters are under the age of five.

Marketing Coordinator
Frank Howell, a 2012 graduate of the University of Richmond, with a degree in business administration.

Q: Why did you choose HomeAid Northern Virginia for your internship? A: After researching HomeAid, I saw a great opportunity to acquire new skills, become more creative and meet new people. I could tell that working here would help me become a better marketer.

Q: What has surprised you most?
A: Seeing the passion and drive in the people who work to help people who are less fortunate. You hear people say all the time that the homeless community needs help, but to see up close how organizations like HomeAid work so hard and diligently to help is amazing.

Q: What have you learned about homelessness?
A: I used to think that there were no homeless people in this area. The homeless community suffers every day and has virtually no voice. Homelessness is a much bigger problem than I could have ever imagined.

interns-Donald-and-KaelaEvent Coordinator
Donald Minor, a 2012 graduate from Montgomery College, with an Associates of Arts in general studies; currently finishing certification in web design.

Q: Why did you choose HomeAid Northern Virginia?
A: HomeAid has a wonderful mission and is providing me with a great opportunity to learn and grow.

Q: What has surprised you most?
A: I am pleasantly surprised by the opportunities I’ve been provided, which have allowed me to perform a wide range of duties in so many different areas.

Q: What have you learned about homelessness?
A: I never realized how many children are faced with the tragedy of homelessness.

Communications Coordinator
Kaela Skweres, a 2012 graduate from George Mason University with a Bachelor of Arts in communications.

Q: What has surprised you most about working for HomeAid?
A: How much impact HomeAid has on the homeless, and how well HomeAid’s efforts serve local shelters. Some of these renovations are very large, and it’s impressive to see how much people are willing to help in order to make these renovations affordable.

Q: What have you learned about homelessness?
A: I never realized how many homeless are living in Northern Virginia. In Washington, D.C., it is more common to see homeless people on the street, but there are so many struggling with homelessness in Northern Virginia, too. 

Call for Interns

HomeAid Northern Virginia has regular openings for interns in a variety of positions. Job descriptions can be found online. To apply, send a cover letter and resume to info@homeaidncr.org.