HomeAid Northern Virginia Featured on WUSA’s Hero Central

ALEXANDRIA, Va (WUSA) — HomeAid Northern Virginia is restoring hope in the community. They provide the necessary resources to help homeless people get back on their feet. Today at Carpenter’s Shelter in Alexandria, major improvements have been made to the facility.

Lisette Bishins, Executive Director of Carpenter’s Shelter, says, “We’ve added a lot of storage so [we] can take donations for pantries, store the mats, [and] office supplies. It has made a huge difference in all our services as well as the environment for our clients.”

When HomeAid steps in, some renovations are small, some are major, but they all impact people’s lives and assist them in rebuilding the future.

Antoine Timmons, a client, says, “People say you’re going to a homeless shelter, and you have one idea in your mind. Coming in, they were very helpful and friendly. The place was clean and surprisingly they made us feel very comfortable even though we’re in a hard situation. They don’t make you feel like you’re in that situation.”


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