HomeAid and Stanley Martin Homes – Building a Loving Home for a Family of Five

The family take a break from moving in to enjoy their new home.HomeAid recently completed a renovation project in the Woodbridge area for Northern Virginia Family Services (NVFS). Builder Captain Stanley Martin Homes and 40 trade partners donated their time, labor and expertise to create a loving home for a single parent and her four daughters.

Veronica Roth, Director of NVFS SERVE Programs, and Michael Clearly, Vice President Production and Purchasing, Stanley Martin on move-in day.“All the energy and enthusiasm of our 40 trade partners snowballed and together we wanted to do more and more,” said Michael Cleary, Vice President Production and Purchasing for Builder Captain Stanley Martin Homes. “In 30 days we were able to do a complete remodel – everything from insulation and a new roof to replacing dry wall, kitchen and bathroom cabinets and fixtures. Our goal was to build a maintenance-free home for NVFS.” The partnership saved NVFS over $128,000 on the renovation.

“I can’t say enough about HomeAid and all the people involved in this renovation. Working with HomeAid and Stanley Martin Homes is a wonderful opportunity for us,” said Veronica Roth, Director of NVFS SERVE Programs. “This partnership moves our program a step up in what we can offer to our client and her family.” NVFS is a private, nonprofit community service organization dedicated to helping individuals and families find new paths to self-reliance and brighter futures. Its mission is “to empower individuals and families to improve their quality of life and to promote community cooperation and support in responding to family needs.”

The kitchen was transformed as shown below.Roth shared the story of the family moving in to the home. “Even though they were living in the back of a covered truck, our client kept her children in school every day and was able to get a job. When we realized this house was opening up, we were able to move the family into a two-year program that will help them continue their upward path out of homelessness, and teach budgeting and other life management skills to our client.”

How did the family of five react to their new home on moving day? With expressions of disbelief and sheer joy as the two younger girls (ages 4 and 5) donned the fairy wings found in the closet of their new room as their mother and older sisters (ages 11 and 15) helped them navigate the three levels of the home. All the extra touches provided by Stanley Martin Homes and the trade partners make this a very special home.“Thank you, thank you, thank you to NVFS, HomeAid, Stanley Martin and all the trade partners,” said the tearful client.

“It’s one thing to come in and do the work,” said Roth. “But all the loving extra touches – games and toys in the basement to lovely soaps and bubble bath in the bathrooms – that make this a home.” The family agreed as the girls made plans to watch Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel their first night in their new home

Thanks to Stanley Martin Homes, Builder Captain for the Northern Virginia Family Services (NVFS) Shelter Care Project, and to All the Trade Partners:

84 Lumber
Accurate Insulation
Atlas Plumbing
Bond Flooring
Century Tile
Choices Stairways
Colonial Concrete
Commonwealth Lighting
Construction Applicators
F&K Cleaning
Franklin Electric
Goodman Manufacturing
Granite Source
Green Village Concrete
Guardian Insulation
Heritage Contracting
Home-Kim Group
John Darvish Construction
K&K Siding
Kichler Lighting
Kohler Plumbing

Masonry Design
McCormick Paints
McCrea Equipment Company
MidSouth Building Supply
Model Home Interiors
Mosaic Tile
Mulhern and Kulp
Next Day Blinds
Prince William County Government
Quality Cabinets
RC Enterprises
Shaw Inc.
Stadler Nurseries
Tital Erosion Control
Velasquez Contractors
Village Landscaping
Virginia Erosion Control
Whirlpool Appliances