HomeAid and Builder Captain CarrHomes Provide a “Welcome Gift”

HomeAid and Builder Captain CarrHomes along with 9 trade partners renovated a bathroom in the home used as part of the 90-day transitional housing program for its residents who are homeless and also challenged with a mental illness. “Changing the configuration of the bathroom to make it more usable, while working around some interesting plumbing and structural obstacles really put the subcontractors to the test,” said Bob Czaplicki, Contract Manager for CarrHomes. “We collaborated on a design that would work well and that the tenants really appreciated.”

CarrHomes and 9 trade partners reconfigured the layout of the bathroom in a Community Residences' home to make it more accessible for tenants.“The donation of labor and materials was a welcome gift,” said Lauren Wolfe, LPC, Director, Mental Health & Transitional Programs for Community Residences of the recent renovation of an Arlington home for the organization. “We are able to reap the benefits of a substantial renovation project, and are most grateful.” This is the first HomeAid project for Community Residences.

“When we were initially offered this opportunity, we believed that the room was adequate as it was,” said Wolfe. “We thought paint or some new tiles would suffice. But, as the work progressed, the dust settled and the room took shape, it was clear to all of us that we had not fully realized what a wonderful contribution this would be to our residents.” The improvement is estimated at $18,000.

“For residents who have been homeless, struggle with mental illness and are often adrift in a complex and demanding public behavioral health system, a facility that is clean, well lit, private and pleasant is uplifting, reassuring and raises consciousness about what is possible,” said Wolfe.

Thanks to CarrHomes, Builder Captain for the Community Residences Shelter Care Project, and to All the Trade Partners:
Bryant Group
Builders Supply and Lumber
Capital Lighting
Eastern Applicators
Heritage Contracting
Midsouth Distributors
Southern Electric
TAC Ceramic
William H. Metcalfe & Sons Inc.