CarrHomes Renovating Home for Reston Interfaith

Over the last five years, HomeAid Northern Virginia has worked to renovate five of Reston Interfaith Housing Corporation’s 47 townhouses, all of which are rented to families and individuals who earn half or less than half of the area median income. The most recent project, captained by CarrHomes, involves the renovation of a two-bedroom unit, with work encompassing nearly all aspects of the home, including exterior siding repairs, replacement and painting; interior painting; electrical repairs and upgrades; carpet cleaning; and bathroom repairs. The total value of the project is approximately $4,000.

“HomeAid has been extremely helpful to us, and we consider them a strong partner in our acquisition process,” said Tim McMahon, vice president of Housing and Community Development for Reston Interfaith. “They’ve always stood at the ready for us, and they’ve always been there when we’ve needed help.”

Tim Schiesl, customer service manager for CarrHomes, says that the company has been doing philanthropic work in the community for as long as he can remember. “We strive to give back to the community in different ways year-round, whether it’s a renovation project or ‘adopting’ a family over the holidays. We try to do as much as we can, and our trade partners do the same, usually donating all of the work or doing it at cost. It’s a great feeling, knowing we’re helping people in need.”