Affordable Housing’s New Right-HAND Man



A new affordable housing expert has taken the reins at the Housing Association of Nonprofit Development. Michael Scheurer will serve as president for two years and is charged with making sure HAND continues to train people in the business of increasing affordable housing. The DC org’s program span from teaching people about housing financing to housing management. Michael, an Indianapolis native who’s been in Washington since ’81, says affordable housing has lots of challenges in the DC region.


Here at a function for HomeAid of Northern Virginia (he’s on the board), Michael says one of the biggest challenges is the high price of land and construction and the availability of land. (That tent in the background was recently sold for $84 million.) Acceptance of affordable housing within communities is also a hurdle. Michael says the best solution is creating mixed-income communities and more policy support. Michael has always had a hand in housing, through jobs as a housing planner in Indiana, working for the American Bankers Association and the National Association of Home Builders in housing finance, and Fannie Mae.