$140,000+ in Renovations Benefit the Homeless

Chantilly, Va., September 24, 2013HomeAid Northern Virginia, which builds and renovates homeless shelters, transitional houses and other facilities that house the homeless, announced the completion of two projects that provide homeless individuals and families with updated, safe and comfortable places to live. The more than $140,000 in renovations delivers significant cost savings to shelter providers so that they can channel their funds into programs and services for their homeless clients.

Recently completed projects include:

$134,000 renovation of a home for Northern Virginia Family Service (NVFS): HomeAid Builder Captain Stanley Martin Homes and 46 trade partners renovated a house that is occupied by a disabled veteran and his two teenage sons. The renovation included a new kitchen, appliances, cabinets and countertops; updated bathrooms; new interior doors; upgraded electrical and plumbing systems; a new furnace and hot water heater; new driveway; new furniture and much more. View before and after photos.

“This house was on its last leg, and it simply wasn’t an environment where our clients could live with any sense of pride,” said Mary Agee, NVFS president and CEO. “Having a home that makes you feel good and worthy is a critical part of restoring one’s sense of self-confidence and dignity and thanks to HomeAid, Stanley Martin Homes and their building partners, this home will do that once again.”

 $7,750 safehouse renovation for NOVACO:  HomeAid Builder Captain CarrHomes and five trade partners completed a renovation which provides transitional housing for victims of domestic violence. Renovations included sanding and refinishing the hardwood floors throughout; repairing and installing a new floor in the kitchen; repainting the entire house inside and out; retiling the bathroom floor to ceiling; replacing light fixtures; and installing new kitchen appliances. View before and after photos.

 “Housing is short in Fairfax County; housing for the homeless is even scarcer; and housing for victims of domestic violence is practically nonexistent,” said Kim Roman Corle, chair of NOVACO’s board and interim acting executive director. “Because of HomeAid and their partners, we’re able to provide housing that not only gives our clients a roof over their heads, but also shows them that they’re worthy of living in a nice home.”

 In 2013, HomeAid has managed more than $1.5 million in renovations to homeless shelters, facilities and other properties that house the region’s homeless individuals and families. The organization has three additional  projects planned for the remainder of this year. In addition, Women Giving Back, a HomeAid program, has, since 2007, donated more than 50,000 items of professional clothing and accessories to more than 5,000 homeless women and their children in Northern Virginia.