$100,000 Donation from Elm Street Development will Help Fund HomeAid Projects


Elm Street Development Donates $100,000 to HomeAid Northern Virginia

Chantilly, VA, April 1, 2014 – HomeAid Northern Virginia announced today that they have received a $100,000 donation from Elm Street Development. The donation will help fund HomeAid projects for the shelter community in Northern Virginia, as well as the Women Giving Back (WGB) program, which provides free clothing to women and children living in local shelters.

The donation was unexpected. HomeAid Northern Virginia’s Fundraising Chair John DeZinno had asked David Flanagan, president of Elm Street Development if his company would consider donating a building lot for a future HomeAid project. Flanagan turned down this request, but said his company would instead donate $100,000 to the organization.

 “It’s an incredible offer,” DeZinno said, “that will go a long way in sustaining HomeAid’s mission. It’s impossible to put into words how many families and individuals will be directly helped through this gift, and how many lives will be changed over the long-term.”

 “We’ve made donations before,” Flanagan said, “because HomeAid is a great cause, and we know that by giving this kind of monetary gift, HomeAid can leverage every dollar through the in-kind donations that will follow. Through their partnerships and their low overhead, we know that our $100,000 will allow many more donations of time, labor and materials and will ultimately result in a far greater story than any of us could ever provide on our own.”

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