Winchester Rescue Mission, 2020

  • In November, 2020, HomeAid Northern Virginia, Dan Ryan Builders, and 11 trade partners completed a $96,000+ renovation project for the Winchester Rescue Mission – 100% of which was donated – where new flooring was installed throughout the 4,500 square-foot building; the entire interior was repainted; and the bathroom flooring and tiling were replaced throughout. The team also added lockable storage units, an outdoor shed—which allowed space for an additional bedroom on the first floor—and low-voltage wiring and an improved security system. In
    addition, HomeAid Northern Virginia purchased 17 brand new, fire-rated bunk beds, and 34 water- and tick-proof mattresses for the Mission’s residents.

    The result is a game-changer for the Rescue Mission, which provides transitional housing, meals, job training, and mental health care for 33 men, in addition to operating a community food pantry, all in a 1930s building in the downtown historic area of Winchester, VA.

    While our project at Winchester Rescue Mission was our first in the Winchester area, it most certainly won’t be our last. We are very excited to expand our footprint and grow our impact beyond “Northern” Virginia.

    “We serve roughly 1,200 people a week through our food distribution program and 150 to 200 meals every day,” said Vicki Culbreth, development director for the Rescue Mission. “We also provide laundry and showering facilities for anyone who needs it. That’s an enormous number of lives to impact, and it just feels so good and so exciting to walk in and feel great about where you’re working. The cafeteria is probably the most incredible example, with luxury plank replacing a really ugly concrete floor with layers of peeling paint … it’s a beautiful facility now, and all of the other changes allow us to service people more fully and more efficiently. It’s been an amazing experience and a true gift – HomeAid and its team listened to every single thing we said, and they exceeded every expectation start to finish. This building is a source of pride for our whole community now, and we are so grateful.”

    The project is Dan Ryan Builders’ first as Builder Captain, and Worth Jenkins, division president, found it to be an equally outstanding experience.  

    “We didn’t start the project until after COVID hit back in March, and I was fully expecting the trades to say they needed to hit the pause button,” Jenkins said. “But that wasn’t the case at all – across the board, the attitude from the trades was that this was not the time to pull back on projects like this, and all three – Exceptional ChoicesCentury Tile, and Chesapeake Applicators – were all in from the start. It’s been incredibly positive – and especially rewarding since this is our first project. It was a good time for us to get involved, and we have projects in Winchester so already have people on the ground there. I believe in the mission of the organization, and the scope was a good size for our first venture – this all worked out really well.” 

    Brandan Thomas, executive director for the Rescue Mission, admits to feeling overwhelmed by the impact of the project and its transformation on the building and the people it serves. “So often,” he said, “we try to just do the best with what we have, never daring to dream about how much better it could be. This project has changed that – it’s functional and beautiful now, and I’ve seen firsthand how the people we serve are now taking ownership and pride in the place they live and eat. They’re more intentional about cleaning, they’re pushing each other to clean … everyone feels more pride in a space that looks this way. That’s incredibly exciting to me.”

Special Thanks to Builder Captain

Thank you to the partners for renovating and updating the Winchester Rescue Mission, the residents really appreciate your hard work and dedication!

  • Exceptional Choices
  • Emser Tile
  • Armstrong Flooring, Inc.
  • JJ Haines & Company, Inc.
  • Century Tile
  • Sherwin-Williams Company
  • East Coast Insliators
  • Chesapeake Applicators
  • Van Metre B.A.S.E.
  • Fine Line Trim, LLC
  • Sight & Sound Systems, Inc.