Together We Bake – Alexandria, VA

  • Together We Bake - Alexandria, VA

    Worked to be Performed:

    Renovation of the 4-floor building that currently houses Together We Bake. This will provide a more efficient work space and also additional spaces for other nonprofits in the future. In the kitchen we will be adding a second double oven, removing cabinets and installing wall shelving, replacing fridges, reconfiguring the sink, and creating a prep room right outside of the kitchen. We will also be updating the storage closets to help provide a more effective storage system for Together We Bake’s food supplies.

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    About Together We Bake:

    Together We Bake’s mission is to provide a comprehensive workforce training and personal development program to help underserved women gain self-confidence, transferable workforce skills, and invaluable hands-on experience which will allow them to find sustainable employment and move toward self-sufficiency.

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