Shelter House (Patrick Henry Family Shelter), Falls Church, 2006

Shelter House (Patrick Henry Family Shelter), Falls Church, 2006
  • The renovations and added space provided two new apartments for after-hours emergency use, a new entrance and lobby, and additional office and storage space. Freddie Mac made a donation from funds benefiting the homeless and the work was completed by Miller and Smith in cooperation with NVBIA’s Custom Builders Council.

    “HomeAid came to Shelter House when we needed them the most. Expanding the space at Patrick Henry was truly a dream come true.” – Shelter House spokesperson.

Special Thanks to Builder Captains

Thank you to the following Trade Partners for you incredible work on this project

  • AAA Recycling & Trash
  • ABC Imaging, Inc.
  • ABC Glass & Mirror, Inc.
  • AN Siding
  • Bee & H Electric
  • Beltway Iron
  • Beltway Steel
  • Blue Ridge
  • Cardinal-VA Concrete
  • CR Construction Company
  • Don’s Johns
  • Drywall Systems, Inc.
  • General Electric Company
  • General Shale Brick
  • Global Building Supplies
  • Greco Masonry
  • Highland Homes
  • Home Automation Systems
  • IDG Archetects
  • John Darvish Constructon
  • Kip’s Erosion Control
  • Lewis Brother
  • Long Fence
  • Luck Stone
  • Master’s, Inc.
  • McCormick Paint Works, Co.
  • Miller & Associates
  • New Century Homes, LLC.
  • Potomac Disposal
  • Quality Building Products
  • Quality Windows & Doors
  • Ridge Limited Co.
  • Seneca Excavation
  • Siemens Building Technologies
  • Shelton Davis Co.
  • Smitty’s Building Supply
  • Star Concrete
  • Structural Systems
  • Sunbelt Rentals
  • Velasquez Contractor
  • Virginia Concrete
  • Vulcan Materials
  • Whittham Mechanical
  • Wise Guys Construction, Inc.