Kids Club of Northern Shenandoah Valley – Winchester, VA

  • Kids Club of Northern Shenandoah Valley – Winchester, VA

    Completion Date:  August 11, 2022

    Retail Cost: $63,173.00

    Overall Savings: $63,173.00 (100%)

    Worked Performed:

    HomeAid National Capital Region’s first playground renovation with a goal of providing a space for the children at Kids Club to explore, play, imagine, and grow.  Playground equipment was purchased by HomeAid for the Kids Club and installed by PlayGo Co. while team from Stanley Martin and four trade partners built a custom playhouse on-site.

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    About Kids Club of Northern Shenandoah Valley:

    The Club offers a variety of programs designed to increase academic performance including reading, writing activities, homework help and board games. All of their programs are facilitated by professionally trained staff and have been proven to boost academic performance and social development of Club members.

Special Thanks to the Builder Captains for This Project

Thank You to Our Trade Partners for This Project