Community Touch, Bealeton, 2009

  • Community Touch Inc

    “All of a sudden more than 100 people are all over our property, painting, cleaning up, landscaping, repairing, renovating …” said Tyrone Champion, Director of Community Touch, located on 20 acres in Bealeton, Virginia.

    Words can’t describe how we feel,” said Champion. “We are so excited that HomeAid and Miller and Smith took time to help us in our effort to change lives for those less fortunate in Northern Virginia.  This is really awesome.”

    The renovation included repairs to the roof, leaking water systems, general landscaping, and more at the Victory Transitional Housing shelter and the Noah’s Ark Thrift Store. The work of Miller and Smith and its trade partners saved Community Touch more than $68,000.

Special Thanks to Builder Captain

Thank you to the following trade partners

  • Ace Carpentry
  • Ar-jon
  • Bee & H Electric
  • Best Siding Corporation
  • Builders First Source
  • Builders Floor Service
  • Commercial Scapes, Inc.
  • Country Chevrolet
  • Earth Retention Systems, Inc.
  • Eugene Associates, LTD
  • GB-Insulation
  • Industrial Disposal Services, Inc.
  • Inkworks, Inc.
  • John Darvish Construction Company
  • Johnson Drywall
  • KND Construction
  • Luck Stone Corporation – Bealton
  • Masters, Inc.
  • McCormick Paints
  • Modern Enterprises, Inc.
  • Moran Surveys
  • N.V. Waterproofing, Inc.
  • New Home Media
  • NOVA Blue Reprographics
  • SA Crane Construction
  • SBS Siding Co., Inc.
  • Segmental Wall Company, Inc.
  • Select Construction
  • Seneca Excavating
  • Shelton Davis, Inc.
  • Spring Valley Concrete, Inc.
  • Stadler Garden Centers
  • Superior Paving
  • T.A.C. Ceramic Tile Co.
  • T.W. Perry
  • Target Surveys, Inc.
  • Tart Lumber
  • The Environmental Group, Inc.
  • Theros
  • Tri Star Development
  • Virginia Construction Supply
  • William A. Hazel